Benefits of Mobile

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More Australians now access the internet via mobile devices than from a PC or laptop. For this reason, it is crucial that any organisation with a website consider the mobile compatibility of their online presence.

A June 2015 study by Google & Galaxy found that 74% of Australians rely on their phones at least as much as their desktops when searching for information, ideas or advice.

Being mobile-friendly opens up multiple channels to interact with a rapidly expanding mobile audience. It offers opportunities to create new and innovative ways of inspiring, educating, operating and receiving donations from a captive online audience, who are browsing the net from their iPad or smartphone, 24 /7.

Engaging with new and existing audiences in different ways across generations and tapping into younger, more tech-savvy, online audiences are common requirements for many charities, whether that be for the purposes of fundraising, or educating younger audiences about services available.

From a fundraising perspective, this is particularly important when considering that different methods of giving appeal to different generations. Generally, mature age donations often come from cheques and direct debit, while online and mobile/SMS giving is becoming a favoured channel for younger generations.

Australians downloaded 66.8 million apps between March and April 2012. Per head, Australia has become the 5th biggest downloaders of apps globally.


  • 11.19 million smart phone users in Australia1
  • 4.37 million adults are using tablet devices2
  • 76% of Australians access the internet through mobile devices, a growth of 208% since 20103
  • Of the 76% who access the internet through mobile devices, 32% do through smartphones , while 9% do through tablets only and 35% do though both4
  • During June 2013, 7.5 million Australians accessed internet via mobile phone, up 33% from June 20125
  • 90% of the mobile population keeps their mobile phone within arm’s reach6
  • Younger consumers are more likely to embrace smartphones7
  • Going mobile means your audience is active at any location and at any time8
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1.  A mobile website is often the first step towards going mobile. Optimising your website for mobile device users enables the latest website content and news to be easily accessed and viewed by mobile device users, universally.

A recent Google study found that 61% of site visitors quickly move on to another site if they don’t find what they are looking for right away.

2.  An app, or mobile application, is another way to increase interaction with mobile audiences. Apps can be a great engagement tool when applied to support a charity's strategy and goals, and when developed with functionality and engagement in mind.


Connecting With Audiences - Engagement 

  • Apps assist with engaging a younger, tech-savvy audience - a growing donor source for the future.
  • Apps also provide a new outlet for cause promotion and education, creating a sense of community and generating feedback.

Device Functionality & Push Notifications 

  • The incorporation of mobile device functionality such as camera, GPS, calendar, touch screen, gaming and push notifications are key benefits,unique to apps.
  • Push notifications allow for instantaneous marketing & communications with users that is simple and cheap to manage. They also work well for disaster relief efforts, volunteer calls and major news notifications.

 Improving Communications 

  • Apps offer quick and simple access to information on the go - anywhere, anytime. Content is designed for small screen viewing, with fast download times.
  • Two-way communication - the ability to collect information and provide new and inspiring content that can be read on the move are some of the ways apps improve communications.

 Building Donations Revenue 

  • Mobile apps can help build and simplify donation transactions anytime anywhere
  • A successful app can also sell advertising.

 Brand Awareness 

  • Mobile apps can help broaden online exposure, and in conjunction with a website, ensure optimisation of online presence.
  • An app gives much more presence on the phone/tablet screen than a bookmark on that phone’s browser.
  • Personal nature: the true power of mobile, (if leveraged in the right way), apps can be a powerful brand engagement tool, increasing loyalty.

 Improve Operations 

  • An app can be designed for any purpose. They can help to support lean operations, reducing the need for more manual processes and paperwork.
  • Improving efficiency by using an app to simplify tasks for staff, supporters or suppliers, e.g. filling in time sheets, providing door database management system etc.
  • Reducing operational costs, e.g. donations via apps may be cheaper than having people on the streets, or using push notifications instead of SMS for disaster relief or volunteer matching services.

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