Where Do I Find Apps?

The App Stores

Apps are downloaded from online app stores, a search engine for apps, the same as how search engines (Google, Yahoo, Bing) work for websites.

Key players include:

  • iTunes App Store (for iPhones and iPads)
  • Google Play (for android devices)
  • Marketplace (for Microsoft Windows devices)



Important Considerations

Ensuring your app engages users and provides a reason for return is essential. Here are some more points to consider during the app creation process;

  • The app market is highly competitive with 1.5million + apps worldwide, so ensure your app has a use and engages target audience.
  • User retention is a key problem for apps. Make sure users have a reason to return.
  • Many apps never achieve more than 1,000 downloads.
  • 90% of those that use an app, will be gone in 6 months.
  • Apps require on-going maintenance, costs and a dedicated resource to manage content, feedback and updates.
  • App content cannot be searched in the same way that website content can. Therefore, app name and description must be key word-rich so users can easily find you.
  • Cost vs benefit analysis and a clear alignment between your app’s purpose and your business strategy and goals will help with app success.
  • Apps require users to continually download updates, (websites are easily updated).
  • Test - usability testing is a must! Don’t assume people will use your app the same way you do. Test your app outside of the office and talk to those that don’t know you, but would use the app. Test and monitor feedback at every stage.

Other considerations

The goal of app development is to appeal to the user in one of three ways, (according to Chuck Martin, author and mobile marketing expert):

  • To make life easier
  • To make life fun
  • To make life cheaper

Nielson research (2011) found the four most successful app functions to be;

  • Entertainment, (e.g. gaming or some kind of interactive app)
  • Content (e.g. news, video , volunteering stories)
  • Utility (e.g. something that simplifies a difficult task)
  • Transactional (e.g. simplifying donations)

Common uses for charity apps

  • Building donations
  • Managing or building volunteers
  • Providing location directory services
  • Providing information / education
  • Increasing supporter engagement
  • Broadening brand awareness & online exposure

Common Modules for Charity Apps

  • Donation Portal
  • Location Map / Service Directory
  • Event Calendar
  • Information Hub
  • News
  • Feedback / Appointments

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