Analytics programs and user feedback are the two best ways to assess if your app is working. With so many analytics programs to choose from, ask your app developer to recommend one that aligns with your app’s core offering.

Set Clear Key Performance Indicators (KPI's)

Knowing exactly what you are trying to achieve with your app from the outset is critical to measuring success. Select KPIs that make sense for your target audience.

Common KPIs

  • Increased website visits.
  • Increased Donations.
  • Are people finding / using your app?
    • Number of unique app users over a specific time period.
    • Active user rate (number of users vs download rate).
    • Engagement periods& loyalty(user returns).
    • Frequency of visit: compare number of visits to number of users over a specific time.
    • Duration of visit: compare how many pages viewed vs number of visits.
    • Depth of Visit: time spent on your app.
    • Bounce Rate: how many have used app just once.



  • Monitor review sites, so you know what is and isn’t working.
  • Be open and willing to incorporate user feedback to improve your app.
  • Use social media to gain insight into user sentiment about your app and to detect flaws.
  • Include a feedback function in your app. Users are often the first to point out if something isn’t working or could improve.

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