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An app is just another part of your organisation’s overall marketing strategy - an additional tool to utilise, such as your website. Target audience needs and user behaviour should always be top of mind.

1. Branding, keywords and competition

App name, logo, description and design are the first impression users get of your app, so ensure your app icon fits with your brand and is easily identified by supporters.


2. List Your App on the App Store

App stores are the most important places for app discovery. It is essential that your app name and description are key-word intensive and relevant to maximise downloads.

3. Encourage Positive Reviews

Develop customer advocates and gather positive user reviews on app review sites (that your app is available on). Positive reviews build trust in potential users, so find a way to encourage happy users to leave reviews, (keeping in mind that continual reminders to rate apps may turn away some users).

 4. Integrate Your App Across Existing Marketing Platforms

  • Integrate a clear call to action to download your app across all existing marketing platforms and communication channels e.g. website, social media, newsletter headers, branded collateral, advertising, office & outlet branding etc.

  • Spread the word to all partners, suppliers, friends, supporters, volunteers, sponsors and friends.

  • Using social media to promote your app works well. Tell followers about your app, encourage them to share it, then monitor and incorporate their feedback into app enhancements.

5. Launch Campaign

Create a launch campaign to maximise your app launch. Here are some ideas;

  • Media Pitch: devise a media pitch with high-resolution views of the app pages, targeting media in your industry, as well as technology and telecommunications writers.

  • Direct Email: Tell your mailing list about your app, include all possible contacts such as suppliers, supporters, volunteers, staff, customers etc.

  • Create ‘launch collateral’ to help spread the word; posters, email signatures for staff and volunteers, website banner, stickers, branded message on invoices or other frequently distributed communications, voicemail and hold messages on company phones, branded t-shirts for staff or volunteers, special signage/banners in areas frequented by target audiences.

  • Launch Event: host a launch event to inform target users about your app, how to use it, and ask them for feedback.

  • Consider online or social media advertising (target audience and budget dependent).