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 The following checklist is a simple guide for charitable organisations to determine if an app is right for them 

1. Is your website optimised for mobile visitors?

Websites reach more people than apps  and are simple to update, universally. A mobile website is usually the first step for many organisations. 

2. Who is your target audience & do they use mobile devices?

  • Does your target market’s profile fit with the mobile device user profile? An app can only reach people with a mobile device.

  • What type of mobile device do they use? Depending on your app developer, you may need to choose between platforms for distribution (iPhone, Android Blackberry etc). 

3. What problem could an app solve? What function could it perform to add value?

  • An app should solve a problem. Think about how an app might reduce business costs or simplify operations, e.g. donor/volunteer management systems, filling in time sheets. 

  • What do you know or do that could work as an app? Have you got existing material or expertise that could be used as to create an app?

  • Common charity app functions are; attracting supporters, building donations, simplifying operations, promoting cause awareness, helping users locate services and service delivery.

4. Will an app perform the above function better than a cheaper alternative?

  •  Be clear about why you need an app and what you expect to achieve.
  •  Push notifications are a key benefit of apps, but social media, email and SMS also work.
  • If your app idea is just a re-organised version of your website with no functionality incorporated, then a mobile website may be the way to go for now.

5. Why would anyone use your app more than 5 times?

  • User engagement is key to app success.
  • Capturing attention the minute your app is downloaded & providing a reason to come back is essential.
  • Users will return if the app has ongoing value for them.

6. How will users find your app?

  • How will an app fit into current marketing activities? This is a critical consideration prior to development.
  • Assess what additional resources & costs may be required to promote your app.

7. What resources can you commit to app design, development, promotion and maintenance?

  • What is your overall budget (design, development, maintenance, updates and promotion)? 
  • Who and how will you manage app feedback, updates and promotion? 
  • Do you have the time to update new content to encourage new visitors?

8. How will you measure the success of your mobile app?

  • Set clear KPIs for your app before development, so you can clearly measure if it is working.
  • This may also guide decisions around use or function of your app.

9. What mobile device functionality will you incorporate into your app?

  • Pare down functionality of your app to a few small tasks to start with. Keep it simple, you can always add functionality as required.
  • Is your app location aware? Are you considering the touch screen? What can it do in the background?
  • How can mobile device functionality be used to engage users?

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