Ray's Night Out

Ray’s Night Out was developed at Queensland University of Technology by young people and a team of psychologists, designers and app developers, supported by the Young and Well CRC. Ray’s main goal is to teach you how to drink alcohol safely while having fun. 

Take Ray the Red Panda for a night out! 
Buy Ray drinks and food, make him dance and flirt and play bar trivia. Collect good vibe points to unlock rewards and take selfies. 
But take good care of Ray, don’t let him cross his ‘stupid line’ for drinking – you know – the point where a good night out turns bad.  Most of all have fun while you learn to identify your own stupid line for drinking. 

So go ahead - play, learn, laugh and enjoy!

For more information visit https://www.youngandwellcrc.org.au/raysnightout/ or

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