Every Day Racism

Everyday Racism is a game/education app, which challenges players to live a week in the life of an Aboriginal man, a Muslim woman, an Indian student or just themself.

Everyday Racism offers a journey to better understand racism by walking in the shoes of someone else for seven days. The app offers an immersive experience where over the course of one week, the user receives texts, tweets, images and videos that will challenge them and their assumptions. It helps users to understand the importance of speaking up when witnessing racism. Key components of the app include;

    • 7-day challenge to improve understanding of racism.
    • Immerse yourself in a new environment and face daily scenarios.
    • Test user's own limits and overcome fears of speaking up.
Users are also encouraged to nominate someone they know to take the 7 day challenge with an online petition and social media campaign for well-known political and social figures to take the test. This app was created through a partnership with All Together Now, (Australia’s only national charity that has a sole focus of addressing racism), the University of Western Sydney, University of Melbourne and Deakin University.

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