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About Shanelle Newton Clapham
Chief Marketing Strategist & Founder of Parachute Digital

Shanelle likes to call herself a “Digital Adventurer”. She brings audacity, fun and innovation to all projects and is also partial to the odd Friday afternoon boogie, just to keep things moving.

When it comes to the newest digital developments you’re lucky to have her on your team. Shanelle’s knowledge of the latest technology, research and market competitors is second to none. 
She is upfront with clients that her strategies may well challenge the way they view the online landscape but will achieve all their goals and more.

Clients also have to comply with Shanelle’s “agree to disagree” policy, particularly when it comes to music taste, movies and political views. But seriously, Shanelle is the Founder and Chief Digital Strategist at Parachute Digital. She has worked to transfrorm digital experiences for many of the largest brands in Australia and the world including; Toyota, Telstra BigPond, The World Wildlife Foundation (WWF) and News Limited. 

With 10 years’ experience in digital marketing and fundraising and 15 years’ experience in wider marketing and communications, Shanelle has hit her straps and comes with a pretty darn good reputation.